About Lineleap

LineLeap is the one stop shop for all nightlife purchases.

Through LineLeap’s website and mobile app, customers can purchase fast passes to skip the line, pre-ordered drink specials, general admission tickets, VIP table/bottle service and more.

LineLeap is partnered with over 50 venues in 21 cities and college towns, helping them generate significant incremental revenue and acquire new customers.


LineLeap partners with popular bars & night clubs at college campuses and cities allowing customers to purchase fast passes to skip long lines on weekends and game days. LineLeap generates venues significant revenue through the sale of these line-skips with absolutely no cost and no extra work to the venue.

Event Ticketing & VIP

LineLeap does general admission ticketing and VIP services for venues on their special events and holidays while ensuring much lower prices than Eventbrite, Tablelist, and other services. LineLeap most notably did general admission ticketing and VIP for 5 of the largest venues in Nashville for NYE.

Pre-Ordered Drinks

LineLeap allows customers to pre-order discounted drinks exclusively on LineLeap’s platform. This effectively locks customers into attending a specific venue before the night even begins. LineLeap has been effective in viral marketing and getting hundreds of customers to pre-order drinks on a specific night of the week.